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Product information: Fabric: 190T silver-coated anti-UV PU3000 Open total length: 485*240*195CM  Features: Lightweight Big space Stable Fabric upgrade Wind and mosquito repellentRain and sun protection Product details: 01: Easy to use/carryNo complicated operations, fast retraction, extend the...
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Product information: 
Fabric: 190T silver-coated anti-UV PU3000 
Open total length: 485*240*195CM 

Big space 
Fabric upgrade 
Wind and mosquito repellent
Rain and sun protection

Product details:

01: Easy to use/carry
No complicated operations, fast retraction, extend the rear large space
02: Screen window
It not only has a better vision but also allows air convection when the wind blows, making it transparent inside and out
03: Complete wiring
The tent lines are neat and even, the fabric is stitched firmly, and each stitching line is made of waterproof tape to prevent the invasion of rain
04: One account for multiple purposes
It can be used as a mobile sunshade tent, and can also be used as a canopy after being erected to enjoy outdoor camping, leisure, and entertainment.
05: Anti-UV silver-coated fabric
The silver-coated fabric is added with an anti-UV coating, which can effectively block sunlight and ultraviolet rays, allowing you to rest in the car better. The waterproof index of 3000 can effectively block the invasion of rainwater.