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Product information: Type: Sewing machine Application: sewing equipment Stitch Type: Quilting Machine Drive form: Electric Number of needles: double needle Number of lines: double line Number of machine heads: single-head machine Power cord length: 1.5m Product volume : 30.0...
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Product information: 
Type: Sewing machine 
Application: sewing equipment 
Stitch Type: Quilting Machine 
Drive form: Electric 
Number of needles: double needle 
Number of lines: double line 
Number of machine heads: single-head machine 
Power cord length: 1.5m 

Product volume : 30.0 cm * 25.0 cm * 18.0 cm
Product Category: Household Sewing Machine
Use environment: household electric sewing machine

What we can do is to make more people use the cost-effective sewing machine.
Home sewing, good helper, skillful sewing machine
Easy to use and affordable: a variety of features easy to play with, a variety of clothing easy to mend
The small, streamlined housing is lined with a variety of rotating and function keys, allowing you to display the 18-inch craftsmanship of old-fashioned sewing machines with the push of a button.

Packing list:
Packing list: sewing machine*1 (accessories include power supply*1, foot pedal*1 lock cylinder*4, threader*1, needle*1) or sewing machine*1 extension table*1 (accessories include power supply*1, pedal Plate*1 Lock cylinder*4, Threader*1, Needle*1)