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Product information: Name: multifunctional electric cooker Rated frequency: 50Hz Function: steaming/frying 1 hot pot rated voltage: 220V Capacity: 1.8L Rated power: 300w-600wStyle: Non-Stick / stainless steel linerA: 1.8 stainless steel, switch gearB: 1.8 stainless steel,...
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Product information: 
Name: multifunctional electric cooker 
Rated frequency: 50Hz 
Function: steaming/frying 1 hot pot rated voltage: 220V 
Capacity: 1.8L 
Rated power: 300w-600w
Style: Non-Stick / stainless steel liner

A: 1.8 stainless steel, switch gear
B: 1.8 stainless steel, fast and slow
C: 1.8 non-stick, fast and slow