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Product Information: Functional Category: Mixing Faucet Spool type: ceramic spool Structural form: single connection Installation type: sitting Material: Copper Seat diameter: 55mm Working temperature: normal Nominal pressure: 10-15MPa Inlet and outlet pipes: 4 minutes in diameter Specifications: electroplating short models,...
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Product Information: 
Functional Category: Mixing Faucet 
Spool type: ceramic spool 
Structural form: single connection 
Installation type: sitting 
Material: Copper 
Seat diameter: 55mm 
Working temperature: normal 
Nominal pressure: 10-15MPa 
Inlet and outlet pipes: 4 minutes in diameter 
Specifications: electroplating short models, electroplating high models, antique low models, antique high models, black ancient low models, black ancient high models

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1* Faucet